It’s hard to own a company named “Customer First Construction” without making our customers the number one priority!

Customer First Construction

Bathroom Remodeling

From master bathrooms to guest bathrooms, Customer First Construction will help you bring your dream bathroom remodeling project to life. As one of the most used rooms in the house, bathrooms are a place to energize for the day ahead as well as relax and unwind in the evening.

Specializing in bathroom remodeling, we have helped Maryland homeowners renovate their bathrooms for almost 20 years. From first time home buyers needing a complete bathroom remodel to long time homeowners looking for a more modern bathroom, we provide the touch you are seeking.

We understand home remodeling and home repair can be a nervous and stressful time. In order to make your life easier, our team of home remodeling professionals address all the needs of your residential home remodeling project from beginning to end.

We have a passion for honesty and integrity and will work with you throughout every stage of residential remodeling until completion. By choosing Customer First Construction you can rest assured that we will do an excellent job for a great price.

Customer First Construction Services

Customer First Construction is a premier certified roofing contractor in Maryland. We offer a range of roofing services and guarantee that all our work executed with expertise, integrity and professionalism. Choosing the right roofing contractor to install your new roof and assess roofing repair is just as important as selecting quality roofing contractor materials.

Perhaps one of the most popular home siding choices for homeowners is vinyl. Vinyl siding offers an array of colors and several styles. The colors and styles are attractive, affordable, durable and easy to maintain. By using vinyl siding, homeowners are able to create the desired custom look for a fraction of the cost of other materials.

A rain gutter is key, but often overlooked, component to a home’s roofing system and help maintain the infrastructure’s integrity. The job of a rain gutter system is to collect the water coming from all roof slopes, then direct it away from the home’s siding, window, door and most importantly the foundation.