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Rain gutters are a key, but often overlooked, component to a home’s roofing system and help maintain the infrastructure’s integrity. The job of a rain gutter system is to collect the water coming from all roof slopes, then direct it away from the home’s siding, window, door and, most importantly, the foundation. The diversion of water by a properly installed gutter system helps minimize basement flooding occurrences. When deciding which gutter to use, Customer First Construction offers many gutter systems to choose from. All of these gutter systems are available in various colors to complement your home accordingly.

Gutter Guards

One major problem homeowners have with an open gutter system is drain blockage from leaves, pine needles, or other debris.  A way to help minimize or eliminate this problem is to install gutter guards.  Gutter guards prevent debris from falling into the gutter and allow water to flow freely. There are several different styles and factors to consider when choosing the correct gutter guard for you. Contact us today for a Free Consultation where one of our experienced technicians will evaluate your gutter system for efficiency and make necessary suggestions when needed.

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