It’s hard to own a company named “Customer First Construction” without making our customers the number one priority!

Customer First Construction


Customer First Construction is a premier certified roofing contractor in Maryland. We offer a range of roofing services and guarantee that all our work is executed with expertise, integrity, and professionalism. Choosing the right roofing contractor to install your new roof and assess roofing repair is just as important as selecting quality roofing contractor materials. We can handle all of your roofing, roofing repair and home improvement needs. No job is too big or small.

Finding the right home roofing contractor is imperative. A roof says a lot about your home by providing curb appeal and the necessary protection from the elements. If you’ve decided it is time for a roofing contractor to replace an old leaky roof but not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Our Maryland roofing contractors are professionally trained and experienced to handle a variety of roofing projects. Our roofing contractors will do the work safely, accurately, efficiently and within your desired budget.

Roof Repairs

Often times a roofing repair can be done instead of a roof being completely replaced. We are certified roofing contrators and can provide a FREE roof inspection to detail exactly what roofing repairs are necessary. Our experts can help you review and compare estimates, and provide a possible repair solution. During our inspection if an area is located that is the source of a roofing leak we will fix it immediately to protect your home from any further water damage. 

During the inspection, we will also assess the condition and take into consideration the age of a roof when determining if the roof is still viable enough for a roofing repair or should be replaced. In many situations we can simply repair your existing roof for a fraction of the cost of a new one. All of our repairs are completed in a manner consistent with the current industry standards.

Additional Services